Stephanie L. Woerner


Professional Experience and Education

Stephanie Woerner is Project Manager and Research Scientist for the SeeIT Project. Her research focuses on the work, communication, and temporal practices of distributed work teams, currently with an emphasis on media use and combination. Her research projects include a study of a distributed team that relies on IM as the main communication and coordination mechanism, work on scaffolding mechanisms in communication interactions, and an exploratory study of informal communication strategies in virtual teams.

Before coming to MIT, she was a researcher at Harvard Business School, writing cases and teaching notes on non-profit organizations and human resource systems. Her dissertation research at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business examined the effects of identity-enhancing and identity-threatening information on social comparisons. She has also worked in a start-up for four years (selling mail-order dairy equipment) and as a librarian/researcher for the Houston bureau of Forbes magazine. She received a BA in Biology from Rice University, an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Publications and Work in Progress

Woerner, S.L, J. Yates, and W. J. Orlikowski, “Conversational Coherence in Instant Messaging and Getting Work Done,” Proceedings of the Fortieth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, (2007).

Yates, JoAnne, Wanda J. Orlikowski, and Stephanie L. Woerner, “Conversational Coherence through Threading: Using Email Threads to Coordinate Distributed Work,” (under review).

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Woerner, S. L. “Motivated social comparisons within organizations: Effects of identity enhancing and identity threatening information.” Stanford CA: Stanford Graduate School of Business, (1993).

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